Dr. Caitlin E. McGowan, Psy.D.

Dr. McGowan is a Chicago-based, licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in the clinical assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and families. She is particularly interested in helping families and school districts work together to support children and adolescents with unique learning needs as a result of emotional, cognitive, and/or behavioral difficulties.

Dr. McGowan’s approach to therapy is one that addresses and meets each individual within the unique family and community system that they come from. She utilizes a cognitive-behavioral and problem-solving approach, as well as, narrative principals to assist clients with addressing the various challenges they are facing. Dr. McGowan believes that therapy should be a safe and reclaiming space where strengths are built upon and challenges are addressed side-by-side. 

Dr. McGowan has received specialized training in ADHD assessment and treatment, as well as, in systematic thinking and structural family therapy. Her clinical research has been in the areas of assessing and increasing teacher knowledge and self-efficacy for teaching students with ADHD, and attribution as a predictor of father’s acceptance of their child with Autism. Dr. McGowan has also been very active in supporting students who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming, as well as, writing and implementing school policies that address the unique issues that this population of students often face. Through her 7+ years working in the school setting, Dr. McGowan also has extensive experience writing Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), collaborating with teachers and school staff on behavioral plans, and with special education law.


Dr. Justine Olson, Psy.D.

Dr. Olson is a Chicago-based, licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in the treatment of adolescents and young adults with depression, anxiety, and learning disorders. She utilizes a person-centered and systems approach to help clients and their families work together to understand and overcome the challenges they face.  

Dr. Olson’s approach to therapy is supportive and collaborative.  She believes that it is necessary for clients to explore and uncover the barriers to their success, and then discover the most effective ways to overcome those challenges by taking incremental steps toward their goals.  Dr. Olson is highly trained in Adlerian Individual psychology, as well as, Family Systems.  She has over 10 years of experience utilizing behavioral approaches and ADHD/executive coaching methods. When working with families, she draws on these areas of expertise while also making sure to take an integrative and individualized approach.

Dr. Olson received her Psy.D. from Adler University in 2012.  She has a wide range of experience working with individuals of all ages in a variety of settings, including schools, hospital, clinic, and outpatient settings. In addition to her current outpatient work, Dr. Olson is the Chief Clinical Consultant for an intensive outpatient program for teens and young adults with substance abuse issues.  

Specialized Training: Failure to Launch

Dr. Olson specializes in helping individuals who are struggling to enact a larger life plan. She utilizes a combination of Adlerian and CBT techniques, which involves helping clients adopt a Growth Mindset to continue movement toward long-term goals.  Dr. Olson also specializes in executive function coaching to help individuals with ADHD adopt healthy habits in the areas of planning and organization, which are necessary for academic and career success. 


Dr. Patrick Gunderson, Ph.D.

Dr. Gunderson is a Chicago-based, licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in the treatment of adolescents and young adults with depression and anxiety disorders. He specializes in exposure-based therapy, and is particularly skilled in the area of trauma resolution.

Dr. Gunderson’s approach to therapy is supportive, creative, and emotionally stimulating. He believes it is important to provide a safe environment where clients can challenge themselves and face discomforts. Dr. Gunderson has extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral, Family Systems, and Exposure-Based therapies; however, he predominantly utilizes an eclectic and integrative approach when working with clients.

Dr. Gunderson received his Ph.D. from Marquette University in 2009, and over the past 10+ years has worked with youth in a variety of settings. Dr. Gunderson has held positions as a school-based therapist for students with special needs, an in-home family therapist, and an out-patient individual therapist in private practice. His most recent position, prior to joining LPG, was Senior Therapist at a partial hospitalization program for teenagers.

Specialized Training: Anxiety Disorders

Dr. Gunderson specializes in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders, including: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He utilizes exposure-based interventions, which are designed to help clients confront fears and extinguish avoidance behaviors. This involves working with clients perform tasks and/or discuss matters that are beyond their comfort zones until they no longer experience discomfort. Dr. Gunderson also specializes in the treatment of sexual trauma, where he frequently worked with survivors of abuse, assault, and sexual manipulation.

Camille Liberatore, M.A., is a fourth-year doctoral student in Clinical Psychology, who has extensive experience working with youth, young adults, and families. Camille’s areas of expertise include: substance abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, neuropsychological assessment, and diagnostic testing.

Camille’s approach to therapy involves creating a safe space where clients know that their concerns and difficulties will be met with respect, empathy, and freedom from judgement. She uses warmth and humor to help facilitate one’s self-expression and believes that therapy should provide an environment in which people feel free and secure to explore the underlying meanings of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.

Camille graduated in 2014 with her B.S. in Psychology from Northeastern University in Boston, and received her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Adler Univerity in 2016. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including therapeutic day schools, in-patient and outpatient programs, and community organizations.